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Want to learn to dance? We want to help!


At TM Ballroom Dance, we strive to create the best environment for learning to dance. All of our dance teachers are dedicated and experienced. Our main purpose is to help you reach your goals while having fun in the process. We understand that each student has their own unique journey to becoming a good dancer. We take the time to get to know you and understand your personal dance goals. Then we tailor each and every lesson to maximize your learning potential and unleash the dancer in you!

General Information

Try out our Introductory Program. It's fun and easy to get started! 

You choose the dances you would like to learn, or if you are unsure, we can help you choose from a variety of popular dances based on your interests.

-Two 30 Minute Private Lessons 
- One Group Class 
-One Party 

~ONLY $35~

Client Testimonials

Here are some of the things our students are saying about learning to dance at TM BALLROOM DANCE studio.

TM BALLROOM DANCE Studio is the best place in town to take dance lessons!! My husband & I receive a higher quality instruction for a greater dollar value than we ever did at the franchised studio in the area we previously attended. The lessons are really fun, as well, and the staff is very accommodating in every way. Whenever we are out dancing, people always complement us on our skill. We owe it all to TM BALLROOM DANCE!! WE LOVE IT AT TM BALLROOM DANCE, AND YOU WILL TOO!!

-S. Hocker

My wife and I began dancing with Todd over five years ago. I think I speak for both of us when I say that it was a life changing experience. Todd's unique combination of professionalism and personality turned out to be just the right mix for us. He's not only an amazing dancer but an incredibly gifted teacher, a combination that's not always easy to find. We've grown not only as dancers but as a couple. Dancing has kept our relationship fresh. It's allowed us to set aside time on a regular basis to connect physically and emotionally. I can also honestly say that the reason we keep dancing is because of Todd. We followed him from his previous studio to the current one. Todd Munson is, was and always will be our dance instructor.

-Lee Waldman

Dancing is now a part of who I am. After 5 years with Todd Munson as our instructor my husband and I keep coming back. Why? Because it allows us several times a week to be together, touch and have something that is just about us. This is possible because Todd is a great teacher, meets each student where they are at and provides encouragement and skills that allow us to progress. An added bonus is we actually know how to dance. It still makes us laugh at weddings and other family functions when people actually watch us and comment on how they wish they could dance like we do. What I tell them is they can. It just takes that first bit of courage to try. On top of all this we have met great people and now have some new life time friends.

-Caren Leaf

I can attest to the fact that TM Ballroom is the best studio in Colorado, though I may be a bit biased :). I have been dancing for over 5 years and have been to 3 other studios prior to landing here. I love dance and I have found my home at TM Ballroom. It is a relaxing environment to learn in, weather you just want to social dance or compete. The instructors are very understanding and supportive and want you to be the best you can be and succeed in your dancing goals. They are your teachers, but they are also your motivators and friends. Plus both Todd and Cat are hilarious. You are not just a dollar sign either. I like to compete, but I don't feel like I am pushed to just throw money at every competition and event. They work with you to figure out what is best for you and what you want to attain in your dancing, not what is best for their bottom line. I have been to those studios and can say I always leave in a better mood after a lesson or party at TM Ballroom. Besides the teachers, your fellow students are also very kind, fun, and support each other, be it at competitions, showcases, or just at a party practicing what you have learned in your lessons. If I had it to do over, I would START and END my dance career at TM BALLROOM!! -

-R. Hauck

I have always loved to dance but haven¹t taken lessons since I was a kid in tap shoes!  Five decades later, I found myself searching the internet and found TM Ballroom Dance Studio. Ballroom Dance?  How cool would that be!  So I called and what a find!

Todd Munson makes dancing more fun than I remembered.  Todd is not only an accomplished dancer and teacher, he infuses the joy of dancing with every lesson.  No matter how difficult a step, Todd is encouraging and fun, and maintains a delightful sense of humor.  I have always been determined and focused in my work, now I am similarly focused with dancing!  And there is nothing better than a dance lesson to take your mind off any troubling matter in your work life.  I love it so much I believe I will be dancing forever!

-S. Shink

I have taken dance from Todd for about a year and a half. Todd is young, energetic, very knowledgeable in his field and very professional. We competed in the Star Ball in June 2010 and I had a great time thanks to Todd. I hope to continue to improve my dancing with Todd as my instructor.


TM BALLROOM DANCE is the best thing that has happened to us since we began dancing.We can take our dancing more seriously without the exorbitant cost and instructional limitations of a national franchise.We have taken lessons at several studios with at least a dozen teachers. We chose Todd because his teaching style makes it fun and challenging as he adjusts his style to our individual personalities.

-Britt and Margaret Nokes

I just wanted to thank Todd for being so instrumental in helping my boyfriend and I to start dancing! More importantly, we now have the shared goal of continuing our lessons with you for what we hope will be years to come.

As I told Todd in one of our lessons, it took me 30 years to find someone to take dance lessons with me. My boyfriend races bicycles (mountain and cyclocross). We were referred to TM BALLROOM DANCE by his teammate who swears that ballroom dancing has enhanced his racing. No matter what the motivation, I feel certain that ballroom dancing will be an ongoing challenge we both will enjoy and I can't wait to get past the basics and learn to really dance!

Even though we have only had a few lessons, we are both certain that Todd is exactly what we needed to find and we are so happy we learned of TM BALLROOM DANCE. Todd is an excellent, excellent teacher and has made us feel very comfortable and capable. I can't say enough about his teaching style and technique. I would absolutely recommend TM Ballroom Dance to anyone.

-Annette Hayden

We met Todd many years ago, before he found his life's calling of being a ballroom dance instructor. Todd has been our dance instructor for several years. When Todd decided to make the move and open his own ballroom dance studio we made that move with him. Todd makes learning fun no matter how challenging it can be. He encourages his students to strive to do their best. His personality and sense of humor allows him to teach people of all ages and abilities. We should know ... Todd is our son.

-Jerry and Mary Munson

In the midst of our demanding professional lives, my wife and I have found the oasis of Dance: a rhythmic, moving art form entirely different from anything else in our lives. It has opened the door to balance, conditioning and concentration on an individual level as well as support, trust and communion as a couple. The Yin and Yang of Dance requires hard work, rote learning and practice which only then can give access to the individual and mutual joy of expression and being that is at the heart of Dance.

It is with reqards to this process of transition from the rote learning of dance moves to the experience of Dancing that the teacher takes such a pivotal role. Bad instruction at the least can discourage one from the initial efforts necessary to see the goal and at worst can actively damage the joy and thrust of the individual and couple regarding self and dance. Good instruction can facilitate the transition while strengthening both the individual and couple. To this end, elements of a good teacher include a command and love of Dance, a keen eye to observe the obstacle or problem that an individual or couple might be having with a specific move or element of dance, and the ability to quickly correct the issue in a constructive, understandable and nurturing manner.

Todd Munson is such a teacher. For the last four years of our six years of dance, he has lead us on our path. He has demonstrated the knowledge, keen eye and enthusiasm that is required. He has shown the ability to know when he can bear down on the technical and technique issues of dance and when to back off and allow frivolity and fun to prevail. Our evenings with Todd are a productive delight and truly are an oasis in our hectic lives.

We wholeheartedly endorse the pursuit of Dance at TM BALLROOM DANCE under the guidance of Todd Munson.

-John and Pam Hiner

Although I have been dancing for over 6 years, I’ve only been at TM Ballroom for about 5 months and just completed my first showcase.  I have to say this studio has a very nice energy to it.  The atmosphere is very positive and conducive to learning – with little or no pressure.  It’s a happy place with an amazing selection of music.  Todd makes everyone that walks in the door feel special. Besides being a marvelous dancer, Todd is also a gifted teacher.  He is articulate and very patient and strives to ensure his students have fun while they learn to dance.  And, best of all, he has a flexible schedule and collaborates with his students to give them what they want as well as what they need.  If you are looking for a great place to dance, I recommend you give TM Ballroom a try.     

-Mary Mercer

As a little girl I dreamed of dancing in Dancesport competitions.  I wanted to be that graceful dancer moving across the dance floor.  Nearly two years ago I finally got the courage to start dancing.  After dancing only six months, I competed in the Colorado Star Ball where I first ran into Todd and his students.

Several months later, Todd and Cat taught a Bolero class at the Turnverein in Denver. I was impressed with their ability to capture the crowd of more than 100 dancers and teach a challenging sequence of foot patterns and arm styling.  Everyone had a great time and learned a lot. His ability to choreograph a sequence that can be used for social dancing or competitive dance is a real gift.

After that encounter, I went to his website to see what his studio offered.  I was looking for a place to dance on Thursday nights, and discovered he had a beginner and intermediate/advanced classes on Thursday and Saturday nights.  I decided to check it out.  I was surprised at the content of the lesson.  Todd has a passion for teaching proper dancing skill whether you want to compete or dance socially.

Todd is professional and personable.  He is goal driven and has a way of bringing the best out of his students.  It didn’t take me long to leave the studio I was at to take private and group lessons from Todd.  I can testify that I have learned more in the short time I have been at his studio than I had learned up to that time.  Todd never settles for mediocrity but always gently pushes for excellence in dancing!

I would recommend TM Ballroom Dance to anyone who is serious about learning to dance.  The studio is friendly and welcoming to new students.  The environment is always inclusive and encouraging.  If you are looking for a place to learn proper dance skill and technique…come to TM Ballroom dance!

-Anza Goodbar

Sally and I were both newly single.  Her daughter had urged her to get out an be active.  I love many forms of outdoor recreation and was looking for an indoor activity that might broaden my horizons on e-Harmony.  We each found our way separately to TM Ballroom Dance. By chance we shared a glass of wine after a group class and dance party.  Then, dancing at the Denver Turnverein a little later we discovered how much we liked to dance and be together.  It was the waltz underarm turn bringing our smiling faces together than sparked the energy that we feel even more now, well into our first year as husband and wife.  And thanks to Todd and Cat at TM we've learned many more dance styles that we've danced during our travels around the US and overseas. 

-Paul and Sally Downs

TM ballroom dance has made the idea of being able to dance go from a dream to a reality. My husband and I have been dancing with Cat for 7 months now. We started taking lessons to be able to dance at our wedding, and now we are taking lessons because it is so much fun! We love having a night every week where we are challenged to work together as a couple. Our wedding dance was wonderful! We had enough confidence to get through it, even with everyone cheering and screaming while we danced. Cat also helped our parents get ready for the wedding and I had a wonderful father daughter dance. As part of my bachelorette party, we rented out the dance studio for a few hours and Cat taught all us girls a really fun dance to do at the wedding! We got so many compliments about how great we looked, and have many friends and family wanting to start dancing at TM.

Cat and Todd break all the dances down into pieces that are easy to learn and remember. They tailor your learning experience to your ability and make sure that you feel succesful after every lesson. My husband and I are hooked on ballroom dancing! We look forward to many more years of dancing at TM Ballroom!

-Emily and Ben Hughes